Important! Memberlist clean-up

Hey everyone,

Just to let everyone know, we will be cleaning up the outfit memberlist on June 15, 2013.

Everyone who has not been active in the last two months (before April 15) and didn’t sent us an absence notice will be removed from the outfit and set back to ‘Recruit’ on the forum.

To re-gain access to the forum and outfit, ping us on teamspeak or post an ‘access request’ on the Recruitment Forum.

I will also sent an email to every member with this announcement.

This clean-up will go with an aggressive attempt to get the outfit member list fully in sync with the forum member list. To do this, we need you to fill in your ‘in-game nickname’ in your forum profile.

Please make sure to visit your forum profile and fill in the ‘Planetside Nickname’ field! (Click Here)

Most of you already have this, but be sure to double check!

From now on, to keep the outfit & forum list in sync, we will force every outfit member to also have a forum account. This will allow us to do these cleanups more regularly (ie. every two months) and have better insight in actual community activity.

— ExitSign