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mAStAchILLa could go to SOE live

Congratulations mAStAchILLa!

One of our members has made it to the finals of the ‘ULTIMATE SOLDIER SHOWDOWN’.

This event will take place tonight. The best three soldiers will win a trip to SOE Live.

Good luck mAStA !!

These are the finalist:

1  FlexDaNoob mAStAchILLa BabaBoy
2  RealRook Madia Freaker
3  BettySwllocks Snowfake Artorius
4  Kanum Steveo PSYsixx
5  TorokF Bequ GoldenGoose
6  Giggo Helten Lilith666999
7  Mastachief RussianShark Style
8  SHISHAN2 Dreadbringer Wabizke3rd
9  itkiny Sharpe Quetzalc0atl
10  LikeaBoss kleinerurm Basti
11  V2iMxPoku littlejohn31 Inducium
12  Diablocasar Sirrha BigDaddy386