Monthly Archives: August 2013

A tale of two biolabs – by EvilMurgs

This is the third tale of Redmist exploits in my series of why I hate lattice. This might not be 100% accurate as we did a lot of base hoping but is retold as best I can recollect following the flow of my plan during the alert and how it unfolded.

So there I am, on Esamir, leading a Redmist platoon with two squads when a biolab alert kicks in.…

Battle log August 9 – by Panj

I am here to bring you the tale of the valiant RMIS squad, consisting of members from all over the world and led by EvilMurgs.

Outnumbered and outgunned, our proud Battlebus was overrun on the ridge north of Valley Storage Yard and destroyed by the fanatic DORA scum. With massive Vanu forced advancing deep into territory that is rightfully ours (as in, the entirety of Auraxis) the squad’s leader had a daring plan: flank the massive force with a 12 man squad and cut of their supply lines.…