Battle log August 9 – by Panj

I am here to bring you the tale of the valiant RMIS squad, consisting of members from all over the world and led by EvilMurgs.

Outnumbered and outgunned, our proud Battlebus was overrun on the ridge north of Valley Storage Yard and destroyed by the fanatic DORA scum. With massive Vanu forced advancing deep into territory that is rightfully ours (as in, the entirety of Auraxis) the squad’s leader had a daring plan: flank the massive force with a 12 man squad and cut of their supply lines. With brave hearts and no doubt in success, the squad was transported via galaxy under the Vanu radar and towards the capture point on Rashnu Southern Pass.

Faced with a force at least four times their number, the squad spread out and set their men in tactical positions, saving each other multiple times as the disorganized mass of the Vanu scum crashed down upon then. The roar of proud TR weaponry cut down the fanatics in great numbers and eventually, the base was captured and the Vanu were kicked out of yet another Terran Republic territory!

With the Vanu main force cut off, their magriders were forced to retreat, but not before our brave squad made its way into the biolab itself, capturing all three capture points and overloading the generator. Unfortunately for our brave heroes, the Vanu scum, having been forced to abandon their heavy armor and sunderer APCs in the fields south of the biolab, spawned in massive numbers and pushed (at great cost) the TR squad away.

Even though the Vanu managed to hold the biolab, their entire force was forced to retreat and abandon their heavy machinery, allowing the proud and well trained Terran Republic to flood its powerful platoons into the biolab and engage the scum in battle. The Terran warpgate was saved from the Vanu advance and the DORA scum were given a thorough beating during this ingenious operation. The brave soldiers of the “Bam Bam” squad have received the highest commendations from the Terran High Command.

– Panj