A tale of two biolabs – by EvilMurgs

This is the third tale of Redmist exploits in my series of why I hate lattice. This might not be 100% accurate as we did a lot of base hoping but is retold as best I can recollect following the flow of my plan during the alert and how it unfolded.

So there I am, on Esamir, leading a Redmist platoon with two squads when a biolab alert kicks in. I issue the order to redeploy to Amerish as in the preceding few minutes I’ve already checked all the maps to see how things look and depending on the alert type, made a plan for what we should do. We arrive on Amerish to find Xelas, our only biolab under attack and we head straight there. We arrive just as it is capped and find the NC there ready to repel boarders. They have our numbers or more. Taking a biolab without superior numbers is usually a loosing game, so now I have to re task the platoon.

With the new biolab cap times of under three minutes, quick caps are very possible if you surprise your enemy before they can react and redeploy to defend. So I decide with the enemy dug in at Xelas to take their Onatha biolab three territories to the north of Xelas. We had territory to the west of Onatha, but the immediate surrounding bases to Xelas were NC. So I split our two squads off on different objectives with the idea being, if the enemy only sees 1 to 12 enemies on the map, capping adjacent territories to their biolab, they might not think its almost two full squads making a move on their biolab. It worked, we capped the adjacent territories and moved into Onatha biolab without getting the enemies in Xelas to redeploy to defend it. Thank you lack of lattice for not forcing us down a predictable obvious path so the enemy can see us coming and take action in time to stop us.

So now we are left with the biolab near the NC warpgate and the NC near the biolab near ours. I expect the NC to come for the biolab we own and that’s fine, because if they withdraw from Xelas we can swap biolabs. I’m in favour of this as I’d rather secure the biolab close to our warpgate and then move on the further biolabs. It’s easier to protect the biolab(s) you already own if they are closer to your warpgate while you attack the enemies ones.

So I instruct our two squads to head to their own separate objectives as we move south between the biolabs, capping the NC held territories. Our numbers again appear to be only 1 to 12 on the map and hopefully the NC will again fall for this and not realise we are still in the area. The NC at Xelas notice our numbers have dropped from Onatha and they move north to recap Onatha. Awesome, they have left Xelas undefended and quickly we cap it as they cap back Onatha. Objective one complete, biolabs swapped. Secondary objective also mostly complete, we have the surrounding territories for both biolabs, except to the north of Onatha by the NC warpgate. We have lost Shadespear farms, the north west territory to Onatha and the first one Alpha hit when we arrived on Amerish.

The NC start to push south from Onatha. I send Bravo in to the territory south of Onatha to assist the randoms as a holding action to repel the NC. Now to set my trap for the NC to take their biolab. I get Alpha to redeploy back to the warpgate into a galaxy again and we hit Shadespear farms to the north of Onatha biolab which the NC holds. Bravo manages to keep holding the NC pushing south from Onatha back as we cap Shadespear farms. Excellent, now the trap is set. Onatha is surrounded by TR territory. The NC can either dig in and just defend Onatha waiting for us to attack, or else push out to claim territory but risk loosing Onatha. Neither is a great position for the NC as the just defending Onatha allows us free reign on the map while they sit there.

I take Alpha and Bravo off to Icanam biolab on the other side of the map. Yes NC, the territories around Onatha are easy pickings the map says. Shadespear farms, closest TR territory to the NC warpgate proved too enticing to resist for the NC. Just what I had hoped for. Time to spring the trap.

Quickly we redeploy and hit Onatha while the NC have moved out from Onatha to Shadespear. Perhaps the NC platoon leader doesn’t see us do this. If he does, he’s left now with a tough choice. Take shadespear farms and loose the biolab, but then hold a territory next to the biolab to attack it from or else try to save the biolab but if they fail, they loose the biolab and don’t have any surrounding territory to it either. In the end, the NC stay and cap Shadespear and we take their biolab. Now we own the Onatha biolab and all territory south of it including our now very secure Xelas biolab.

The NC tried to push on Onatha from the north, but we repel them and move north into their territories. Job done. Both biolabs ours and surrounding territory secure. Thank you Amerish for the lack of lattice. Without lattice I was able to constantly maneuver around the enemy and get them to fall into a position where they lost both biolabs eventually.

There must be some good Sun Tzu quotes that are relevant to what we did to the enemy. Attack the objective where the enemy is not. Draw the enemy out away from the objective. Catch them off guard between two tough choices with nowhere else to go. Profit. Well, something like that.

Later the NC and Vanu both got reinforcements and they took Icanam and Onatha back from us, but we managed to hold onto Xelas in a last minute delaying action dropping on B and C at Split peak pass to prevent the already large numbers NC numbers at Xelas waiting for Splitpeak to fall from then capping Xelas. MACS and 418 pulled most of their numbers out of Splitpeak too early before the end of the cap leaving behind a disorganised group of NC who could not take either of the points being held by an organised squad each of Redmist soldiers.

Lattice, oh lattice, begone from me I pray you foul thing. I can do so much more without lattice when faced with equal numbers and a couple squads of Redmist soldiers who are willing to follow orders. Thanks to all the Redmist soldiers last night for following my orders and giving me another memorable command experience. We could of had all three biolabs on Amerish if enemy reinforcements had not come in to play near the end.

– by EvilMurgs