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RMAF: Eagle One. By Kerrea

Amerish, March 30 2014, 20:00 CET.

Event: Call to Arms, RedMist Outfit, Ceres server.

A loud voice breaks up all redmist communication. Lord Commander Evilmurgs demands every single RMIS soldier to Amerish. “Today is the time. Amerish will be our home continent and we will not leave untill we have fully conquered all its major facilities!”

Soon, every RMIS soldier was spawning on the warpgate.…

It’s happening!

It’s finally happening. ServerSmash vs Waterson will be on Saturday June 7th @ 22:00 CET.

More information can be found in this topic on our forums:

RedMist can send 24 players. Sign up fast and make sure to be on one of the trainings this weekend.

— ExitSign…