RMAF: Eagle One. By Kerrea

Amerish, March 30 2014, 20:00 CET.

Event: Call to Arms, RedMist Outfit, Ceres server.

A loud voice breaks up all redmist communication. Lord Commander Evilmurgs demands every single RMIS soldier to Amerish. “Today is the time. Amerish will be our home continent and we will not leave untill we have fully conquered all its major facilities!”

Soon, every RMIS soldier was spawning on the warpgate. One by one they were forming up into their squads. But something was different this time. They see 3 galaxies, but where is number 4?

The three squads load up and get ready to hit wokuk amp station, which is being defended by a few squads of NC. The galaxies take off and fly sideways to make as much speed as they possibly can. Many soldiers still wonder what happened to the Bravo squad, which is nowhere to be found.

The galaxies head over the first mountain peak of Amerish and see Tumas Tech plant which is still under our controll. Then, coming from the warpgate from the south, 12 TR Mosquito’s are flying rapidly towards the galaxies. Heads turn: “Is that Bravo squad?” Evilmurgs replies:”That soldier, is our new asset. That is the RedMist Air Force!”

“EAGLE ONE is ready sir! we will be escorting you to wokuk amp station.” So there we were. Wokuk Amp station. Relatively easy to take. RMAF had very little to do so they went north to see if any reinforcements from the NC would come through the skies. Everything was very silent for the first 30 minutes. A few engages in the air is all RMAF had to do while the other squads where gaining territory waiting for the enemies counter attack. That soon changed. A global alert started. Bio labs. RMAF’s usefullness would be limited if the fighting would be inside the bio labs itself, but it appeared we had not to worry about that. Almost inmediatly the NC population gained a boost and reavers and liberators where all around. The bastion became a big fight in the air and on the ground.

Due to the NC’s numbers in the sky every pilot went for its own target. There was no time to communicate, everyone was in the moment. Several reavers and liberators were shot down, but they just kept coming. One by one, our pilots went down, and request came in fast: “Eaglespot available!” Alpha: “Eagle request” RMAF: “Alpha Eagle request confirmed”.

Fresh pilots were coming in. Ready to let Redmist not only dominate the ground, but also the air.

Eventually the battles on the bastion moved on and slowely vanished. Due to a huge amount of AA and lock-ons, Eagle was forced to move to a different location and see if they could be of any use there.

It wasn’t untill we took Xelas Bio Lab from the VS that we went in hard again. This time a far base, called the NC arsenal, was under a huge attack. Both VS and NC were contesting it, but barely any TR was defending. Almost the entire platoon decided to move out and defend it, so we could get our connection to Ikanam Bio Lab. Eagle followed the platoon to give air cover.

Arriving on the arsenal, Eagle dived in. Several Galaxies, a lone reaver and a couple of liberators were flying around. After an hour in the air, pilots had some experience and knew what to do. All the NC air vehicles were shot down and ripped apart as if they were paper. Meanwhile the ground troops had a heavy fight going on to hold the base. So Eagle received new orders, A search and destroy: “Eagle One this is Dagger 3, Enemy Sunderer spotted north of the NC arsenal, requesting Air support!”. This created problems for Eagle, sure they could hit the sunderer and damage it, but we lacked the firepower. Only few of us had rocket pods, the rest had his AA loadout. However, due to suppressing fire fromEagle, Dagger 3 was able to move in and finish the sunderer off. NC arsenal was once again secure, and RMIS was ready to make its way to Ikanam Bio Lab to get our 5th Bio Lab in the alert.

Once arriving on Ikanam, Eagle was requested to make sure no reinforcements would come in. So we waited patienly just west of the bio lab. Hovering, having a chat about our great kills and dogfights we have had this evening. The feeling we had already made a big impact to secure our victory. Something was off though. There was an alert going on, and we received info that there would be more NC soldiers on Ceres then TR. So where was the NC?

One of the RMAF piltos was ordered to scout the NC warpgate, he wasn’t able to see anything at first. Untill he came closer. 5 galaxies, several reavers and liberators were standing by, waiting to move out. Meanwhile, we had already taken Ikanam Bio Lab and were working on the motor pool, just 2 minutes left there.

The scout came back rapidly, holding his afterburner for as long as he could. “Enemy reinforcements incoming!”

Nothing was said. Complete silence in Eagle communications. We all knew we had to stop as much of that force as we could. We knew several pilots would go down. This was our time to show not only RMIS, not only for the TR, this would be a message to the NC that we are an air force to be reckoned with.

The battle was fierce. Several outfits from the NC were in the skies. Due to a hole in the NC air defences we managed to take out several galaxies, but not all of them. We  couldn’t. The amount of liberators flying around was equal to the amount of pilots we had, and more reavers were coming in. 2 galaxies slipped through and managed to drop on the motor pool. They were no longer our concern, the Daggers had to deal with them now. We had to focus. “liberator north, engaging””reaver south, engaging” was constantly being called out by the pilots. This was our most effective air battle yet, and also the best one so far. The adrenline just kept us going. The battle lasted well over 20 minutes, so when the last reaver was shot down, we all had to calm down. Complete silence once again. It wasn’t broken untill pilot Bengar1 spoke “Holy higby, that was epic”. Followed by the cheer from the others.

RMAF has shown it’s face. And I truly believe, that face can become a scary one. Keep spreading your wings Eagle, keep up the speed RMAF. As for our true first time being shown, we have done an outstanding job.

“Death from Above!”

Eagle One officer Kerrea