Monthly Archives: June 2014

Monthly member & account clean-up

I’ve just finished the monthly member & forum account clean-up.

Inactive members have been removed from the outfit and their forum permissions set back to ‘Inactive’.

Don’t worry if I accidentally removed you, despite leaving an absence notice. You can still post an access request on the forums and/or ping an officer on teamspeak when you are back.

If you found yourself locked out of the forums, while you are still in the outfit (and active), that is because your forum profile ‘in-game name’ is in error.

My Silent Wingman. By Mebs.

Late night CAP over Esamir. I spend around 5-10 minutes flying solo, take down a few Libs. Then another Mozzie, flying in the same area, joins me for an ESF kill. He starts following me around. We fly around serenely in loose formation. The continent is all but deserted. We engage and destroy several enemy aircraft. We do a few full circuits of the continent, my silent wingman and I.…

Planetside 2 – A regular Red Mist outfit event (with Partybooper)