My Silent Wingman. By Mebs.

Late night CAP over Esamir. I spend around 5-10 minutes flying solo, take down a few Libs. Then another Mozzie, flying in the same area, joins me for an ESF kill. He starts following me around. We fly around serenely in loose formation. The continent is all but deserted. We engage and destroy several enemy aircraft. We do a few full circuits of the continent, my silent wingman and I.

Soon the targets thin out and disappear altogether. As a final hurrah, we gang up on a lone Lightning. It’s too late and there’s not enough action on this continent anyway. I decide to do a bailout exercise to finish the night off. Using my jetpack, I make a painful but non-lethal landing half a click from my Mozzie. The aircraft survives the unmanned drift to the ground. I redeploy.

From the map screen, I watch as my former wingman flies close to my unoccupied ESF. Confused, he lands nearby and sprints forward, perhaps to offer repairs. He lingers next to my Mozzie for a while, then returns to his own. He sits in his cockpit, but only for a moment. He again runs to my parked Mozzie and lingers a moment longer. Eventually he gets back into his own plane and flies off, convinced that I no longer want to fly by his side.

Watching that final part play out through the redeploy screen, it reminded me of a baby deer refusing to leave her mothers dead body. Poking it, hoping for a response. It made me sad, in a weird way.

Goodbye, random pilot whose name escapes me. And good hunting.