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Sign up for the final battle!

Ceres vs Cobalt.

RedMist members SIGN UP NOW!

More info here:

Its Happening! Ceres+Cobalt Merging.

Hey Everyone. If you are not aware already the Planetside 2 dev team have decided to merge the EU servers together.

They have decided to merge Miller+Woodman and Ceres+Cobalt.
Here is the official source from SOE: https://forums.stati…-merges.193741/

Dex out.…

[PS2.PICKUP] Public / Outfit Pickups – Saturday at 21:00 UTC!

More information can be found in this reddit thread:

To avoid timezone issues:

  • 21:00 UTC|GMT
  • 22:00 BST
  • 23:00 CET (Forum time)

RedMist will (try to) have at least 12 guys available every Saturday.

  • Make sure you have PTS installed and characters on all three factions.
  • For more info, contact ExitSign, TobyHD or Kaalestrom
  • Join PS2.Pickup teamspeak! (details are in the reddit thread)

— ExitSign…

Prosieben Account Migration to SOE now open!

Prosieben to SOE account migration is now open from today.

All you have to do is open up your PSG launcher and click on the link which will re-direct you to create an account with SOE. This WILL transfer all you characters from ALL SOE games from your old Prosieben account onto your new SOE account; THIS does include your membership as well….…