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Planetside 2 August Update


Today SOE release monthly big update.

As always update starts at 15:00 CET and will last approximately 2-3 hours

We will have : new air vehicle “Valkyrie”, some Hossin updates, another Alert changes, weapon balancing and …

Planetside 2 patch 21.08.2014


Today SOE around 15:00 CET will release patch for our game.

It contains some urgent fixes

Here are notes: …

Call to Arms Sunday 24th Aug 20h30

All Red Mist soldiers were called upon to face a hostile force Vanu Sovereignty and New Conglomerate.


PlanetSide 2 Keynote – SOE Live 2014

Below you can find a stream about Planetside 2 Keynotes from SOE Live, broadcasted yesterday night and hosted by Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac

Dev AMA at SOE Live 2014

Some answers about Planetside 2 future from side panel @SOE Live! 2014

You can read here some interesting things below. …