Dev AMA at SOE Live 2014

Some answers about Planetside 2 future from side panel @SOE Live! 2014

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Planetside 2 AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Rebalancing shotguns?

Happy where they are in a certain range, after that range they fall off too hard, want to extend range to smooth out TTK at ranges

Less than 5% spend money on game, how is the state of the game financially now?

Not worried about state of game, two teams working on game (PC and PS4), only current issue is stability (i.e. Miller).

Recently upgraded Computer, why is framerate sub-par on decent PC?

Referenced PMC initiative; team focusing on performance, memory and crash issues. Have a guy right now trying to fix hitching issues. Also working on PS4 will help this out because changes translate naturally to both systems. Understands player’s frustration and they are still actively working on these issues. Hitching is NOT acceptable, but its not an easy fix.

Cosmetic melee weapons?

Yes! Go to the Roadmap where there is a section on Melee Weapons. WIll open to Player Studio.

Indar revamp?

Want to bring Indar up to Amerish and Hossin standards, got some recent traction but expect gradual improvements to problem areas. Expect changes sooner rather than later.

Hit detection, it’s bad now.

Uttered several times daily in the SOE Offices. They use cheat detection to look for desync issues. They are also taking another look at their physics system to make sure its tuned properly. They are looking into it on daily basis.

Bring back the Cert Screen?

Will bring it back. Tried to get it back in a month ago but architecture is difficult in the UI. Maybe September.

FOV issues and Migraines. Plans to expand FOV?

No plans right now but they can look into it.

Planetside Players Site. DasAnfal stats and Recursion do it better

People working on this are a shared resource and are working on Landmark now. Could just take the beta tag off.

Platoon Leader Cert Line?

Talked about it a lot, want better leadership tools and certs, as they build up more things in Directives, they will bring more unique things to Platoon Leaders.

6 or 4?

Valkyrie question. They want to go with 4 but if 6 is the popular opinion, they;ll go with that. Want to start wth 4.

Sunderer Deploy Shield. How is it so far?

Goal was to stop C4 and Tank Mine rushers. Is doing that pretty well. Too early to tell. More people in room liked than hated.

LLU Runs

Want to expand alerts, more localized alerts around specific bases; capture the “artifact” or “rabbit”. Haven’t talked speicfically about LLU runs.

TR Red Tracers are more beneficial, can we change that?

QOL, very high item. Are finding a solution for it, its on the list.

Whats the current long term vision?

Go to Keynote.

Angry Joe: When running YouTube events, get de-rendering issue in large battles.

Problem they need to tackle on the PS4, have a few “knobs” they can tweak to fix it. They have to pick and choose who you can see. Have thought of putting more control into player’s hands. Came up a lot when tuning PS4 version on test. Note that 6 platoons will stress the system.

Land Doesn’t Mean Anything with Nanite System, Fights Stagnate, How Will You Re-Add Attrition into the game?

2nd and 3rd phases of revamp will address attrition at a local level. So far pretty happy with current system.

When are NC Berets coming?*

Silence from T-Ray

Is SOE going to commit to a competetive league?

Started working with MLG, was purely an advertisment deal. Are working on building a competetive game, cant support it currently. Need better observer tools and need time to work on that. Feel game is balanced well now, Infantry vs Infantry feels real balanced. An eSport doesn’t happen because you give money to MLG, it happens when people like Community Clash start something up. They havent been able to support it in the past. Observer tools is #1 issue. Can’t set up specific zones currently, should be able to after the launch of H1Z1.

ANy new DIversity in Weapons?

Want to ramp up support to do different types of weapons; new sci-fi weapons. Will fold it into the game over time. Thumper is built, very spammy though. Shrinking cone of fire weapons, more Sci-Fi. Want to avoid spammy weapons though.

Don’t Know Who is in What Vehicles, Cant Move Minimap, More Toggleable Things

They can do more that they are doing now but would require more design work. Feasible but not on their list. Also resources are limited, focusing more on older items on the Roadmap and also fixing bugs is a higher priority.

Expand on Next Stages of Resource Revamp?

Explanation is in the Roadmap. ANT is something they want to include next to add dimensions to gameplay. No idea when that will happen though.

Is the Harrasser where you want it?

Feel its in a pretty ok state except Composite Armor and Fire Suppression. Last month was dedicated to the Valkyrie so it’s a matter of when they can look at it.

Can We Get Another Automatic Scout Rifle?

Sure. Looking to better flesh out the Directive too.

Will there be tactical markers for Galaxy and Valkyrie pilots? Gens, etc.

Can look at bumping the range. Doesn’t seem difficult but until they look into they don’t know.

Will they buff the Squad Beacon?

No current plans to buff it. Last week most of the bugs were ironed out so it’s back to how it was.

Auraxium Weapons are not good because of the attachments. Are there plans to re-asses? Flash suppressor and Soft Point ammo specifically.*

They skim the top of their best players and aren’t finding too many issues. No plans for a balance pass.

Per seat vehicle locking?

Haven’t looked into it but it would be complicated UI-wise. Is a good suggestion though.

Can we shoot though ankle deep water on Hossin?

It’s on checklist for before they remove the “Early Expedition” label

Can Platoon Leader redeploy the entire platoon?

There are a million QOL things they want to get in game, it’s a resource issue.

Performance Testing Environment for systems?*

Got scrapped. Required a lot of work. COuld look into it at a later date.

Referral Program?

It is being re-assessed. Mark Tuttle is in charge of it so track him down.

Real Time Tablet Map App?

Asker wants to create one but art assets cannot be used currently.

Higby has been working with the census team, everything should be in the API. They do want to include that in the API eventually. They can probably put together an art asset pack.


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