Monthly Archives: August 2014

Fantastic BR100 achievement by Seyk

Our member Seyk7 achieve BR100 in extraordinary way.

It’s hard to describe, so we invite you to watch the video of that moment.

Congratulation Seyk for geting BR100!…

Good bye Ceres, Welcome Cobalt!

ipb_logo is now on Cobalt_Logo-06


The day has come!

After MergeSmashes we have 2 (from 4) European servers. Ceres will be never forgotten, but now…

Ceres + Cobalt = Cobalt

Time to rise form the ashes. Things are going to get interesting once again! Get ready for fight because there will be lots of interesting fights from now on.

Good Luck for all Red Mist members in new environment – lots of kills and fantastic play time!…