Cobalt vs Emerald – Server Smash Match!

28th September at 20:00 CEST our server representatives fought against Emerald forces in Server Smash tournament.

It was played on the Planetside 2’s Jaeger server, on Esamir.Cobalt played as New Conglomerate and Emerald played as Vanu Sovereignty. Both sides brought six platoons (288 players) to the fight. No inject was added…

RedMist were proud to join this battle with two squads, 12 players each (24 total) under TobyHD and Dextroz command

Match were broadcasted on Twitch channel

Here is video of one our member (ladelulaku) from this event

Match coverage by

The match between Cobalt (incarnating the New Conglomerate) and Emerald (impersonating the Vanu Sovereignty) had seemingly high stakes with both servers having won their friendly matches against their European and Northern-American compatriots. From the saying of the leaders, both teams of 288 were going for the win and both teams weren’t going to play it defensively. The team who played on Emerald wasn’t the same team who played Connery two weeks before.

The game:

After the starting phrase “You may now Wombo Combo the other server” from the referee, the match started with Cobalt coming from the south and taking the Waterson’s Redemption and Emerald blocking Cobalt at the Ymir Biolab western satellite. In the north, Freyr quickly fell into Cobalt’s hands without finding any opposition.

Fifteen minutes after the game start, Emerald was already coming back from the North East and capturing Freyr AMP Station while Cobalt was trying to loosen Emerald’s grasp over Eisa Tech Plant. Eisa was still neutral, though with the countdown going for the Vanu force of Emerald for two minutes before going back into the hands of an overwhelming Cobaltian force and finally falling for Cobalt.

With the capture of Freyr and Ymir Biolab and its satellite, Emerald was in the lead with 48% to 46%. A score that would go back and forth for the next hour with Cobalt playing defensively and re-securing bases through a lot of last second saves on small outposts. Emerald continued to go on the offensive, pushing Cobalt further into its own territory.

During that hour, Cobalt was always dominating the air, trying to catch the attacking Emerald forces at various bases by surprise. Despite its effectiveness in destroying various spawn Sunderers and vehicles, the multi-faceted Emerald assault, which stretched across multiple fronts, made their job very difficult. Emerald’s offensive was much more effective at the bases where the Reavers were nowhere to be seen.

Forty minutes from the end, Cobalt’s stalwart defense force finally gave up on the north with the loss of Freyr Network Compound and, down the line, The Traverse. It was the counterstrike of their all out attempt on Saerro Listening Post that ended up really being a sword strike into water.

With twenty minutes remaining, Emerald decided to go for the Tech Plant and the southern lane with the Bulwark, to try and strike down Cobalt once and for all. Cobalt lost the Bulwark just three minutes before the end, setting the final score of Emerald 55% to Cobalt 39%.


Despite their air domination, Cobalt was seemingly overwhelmed by Emerald’s infantry force. Emerald did a good job of constantly attacking on multiple fronts. The middle stayed as a Cobaltian stronghold for a good part of the game, but it was the northern lane, successfully pushed by Emerald, that set the final blow to the Cobalt force. Ymir, which was surprisingly in Vanu hands for the duration of the match thanks to the hold of the western satellite by Emerald. This was surprising considering New Conglomerate propensity to use Scatmaxes in Biolabs.

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