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October Update – 30.10.2014

According to today announcement, “October Update” (monthly big patch) will be released tommorow, 30.10.2014 @15:00 CET.

As usual update will bring some new stuff to the game, balance changes, performance tweaks and bug fixes

Full patch notes you can read below



October update and Anniversary bundle @Public Test Server

According to David Carey twitter

October update is up and ready for feedback/testing

What changes it will bring ?…

Cobalt vs Connery – Server Smash Match!

11th October at 22:00 CEST our server representatives fought against Connery forces in Server Smash tournament.…

“September” Game Update – 2.10.2014

Today (2.10.2014) at 15:00 CET (no downtime provided) SOE will release new big monthly update. As you can see this is a “September” one wich is little delayed.

Update provides lots of changes and addons to the game mechanics like for example new 1x or 2x scopes, new Halloween event, Directives fixes and lots of bug fixes.

You can read all update notes below