Cobalt vs Connery – Server Smash Match!

11th October at 22:00 CEST our server representatives fought against Connery forces in Server Smash tournament.

It was played on the Planetside 2’s Jaeger server, on Esamir. Cobalt played as New Conglomerate and Connery played as Vanu Sovereignty. Both sides brought six platoons (288 players) to the fight. No inject was added…

RedMist were proud to join this battle with two squads, 12 players each (24 total), and our leader TobyHD was one of the Platoon Leaders (congratz m8)

Cobalt vs Connery ServerSmash Tournament Amerish Base Introduction

We won 61 : 37, and again Redmist was one of the best outfits in the match

Outfit match statistics

Match were broadcasted on Twitch channel

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