Cobalt wins official ServerSmash finals !!!

Yes it’s true!

In yesterdays Server Smash Championship Match, Cobalt (EU) fought Emerald (US East) in the final event of the tournament.

The Server Smash season just finished with the  defeat of Emerald by the fantastic combined arms of Cobalt who simply outplayed Emeralds redeploy mastery with better intelligence and totally dominant air forces.

This couldn’t be possible without Red Mist  two squads of 24 players.

Again we were one of the best outfit in a match:

  • Best TR Outfit
  • Second Cobalt Outfit
  • Third Outfit overall

Official match statistics you can see here

Here you can find our Force Commander Halospud credits for all Platoon Leaders

A lot of time, effort, thought and hard work went into Cobalt’s victory in this Tournament. Many people have worked hard on this, putting their free time into meetings, strategy, planning, admin, spreadsheets etc.

This victory belongs to all Kobalds, but I want to single out the people that stepped up to the plate and took on roles in Command. This couldn’t have happened without their effort.

Big thanks to TobyHD for leading our platoon, leading us to victory

Below – Server Smash final highlights

Whole match you can watch here



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