About RedMist:

RedMist (Cobalt EU) is a European based combined arms outfit focused on team play, we take pride in organized fast paced action and don’t shy away from uphill battles.
We are focused primarily on infantry but we also make use of armor & air to complement our infantry play.

What can you expect from us:

  • We don’t mind if you’re new and make mistakes because everyone started that way in RedMist.
  • We offer training to new players, like how to defend a base or to fly in groups.
  • We have Organized play throughout the day with three/four squads up and running on primetime.
  • Good facilities for communications between our members like ts, forums and our own wiki.
  • We got a dedicated air division called RMAF which supports our infantry/armor on the ground when needed.
  • Nice and relaxed climate to talk and listen to your hearts desire, unless you’re in official operations squad called daggers where you listen to your commander and talk when appropriate.
  • Twice a month on Sunday, we have a Call to Arms, then we fight a mass against the rebels and the crazy scientists.
  • We organize and participate in competitive play like scrims and server smash and do this mostly for fun and the challenge(everyone can participate).

RedMist Forum/Wiki

Besides our main website and teamspeak, we have a few very cool member only sections, like the community forums and wiki. With over six thousand posts, you can find almost anything you need to know about RedMist, it’s members and PlanetSide 2.

Check these screenshot of the RedMist community Forums and Wiki:

Screenshot - 16-6-2013 , 16_03_11Screenshot - 16-6-2013 , 16_03_39Screenshot - 9-9-2013 , 18_27_15


  • Join teamspeak. When doing operations, it’s mandatory that you join teamspeak. The reason is that teamspeak has superior quality and features compared to in-game voice. You do not have to have a microphone or join the conversation in any way. We just want to be sure that every squad member can listen to the orders of its squad leaders.
  • Willingness to strive for the same goals. If your goal or vision about the game doesn’t play well with the rest of the members of the outfit, you are in the wrong outfit.
  • Follow orders. Listen carefully to your squad leader and follow his lead and don’t disrespect or argue.
  • Stay active. We ask that members join us in Game and on teamSpeak at least monthly. Inactive members will be removed every month unless a notification is posted on the Forums. (Of-course you’re always welcome back)

How to join:

  • Go to and register on the forums.
  • Create a post in the ‘Applications / Recruitment‘ forum, using the format provided there.
  • A recruitment officer will reply to your thread.
  • Download the teamspeak 3 client and join this server: ts.redmistoutfit.com.