How to join `RedMist` PlanetSide 2 Outfit

Read this carefully if you want to join the RedMist outfit.


Bare Minimum – Things we should be able to expect from our fellow RMIS members:

As a community RMIS wants ambitious members who take active part. This means that just logging on without checking forums or without logging on TeamSpeak is considered ignorant. Keep yourself up to date and expect others to do so too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are new. There are plenty of people around who can share their experience and give valuable advice, but we don’t have mind readers yet, so speak up if you need something. It lies in all of our interest to make sure we all improve so you shouldn’t have any problems finding help or training partners.

Within Planetside 2 we want RMIS to be a name that is recognised and respected, even feared. This means that our lowest levels of play needs to exceed well above the average PS2 players and outfits. In order to maintain this, we need members in RMIS to be both good players and good team players, people we all feel we can trust and rely on even when stress levels go up and we are outnumbered. That means:

You always have to strive to better yourself. We have trainings, we have accounts on Jaeger server, we have members who are among the best in the world at this game. You will not find a better place in PS2 than here to improve and we expect you to make use of this. No matter if you are looking to play on live or compete on Jaeger, our competitive mindset needs to be with you. And do take note, this goes for everyone. No matter your rank in the outfit or how many hours of experience, you need to keep improving.

You need to be able to take down opponents and hold your objective. There is no way we would pull of the things we do if we didn’t have members who are really good at this. If your position collapses, it is on you. We need you to stop that breach and stay alive.

You need to be able to communicate. To be able to filter what is useful information and what isn’t is one of the most important things for our playstyle to be successful. If you think about saying something that isn’t a direct concern for the team, don’t. This includes but isn’t limited to: how much you love or hate the game, rage and other emotional outbursts, trash talk, verbal abuse, boasting, attempts at singing and memes. If the rest of us isn’t getting the relevant information, and you either failed to communicate it or hindered the communication by talking shit while people try to convey relevant information, it is on you.

You need to be good at the game. If you can’t rotate the deployment beacon, if you don’t know how to drop people from a galaxy or valkyrie on the intended target or where to pull them, if you revive people when you should be killing enemies, it’s on you. Game knowledge is also the foundation for situational awareness and positioning, two big important pieces in the puzzle of getting good at the game. In the ideal squad with good enough members, we barely need squad leaders or orders. If elephants needs to be herded, RMIS are the lions.

We need initiative. Squad and Platoon Leaders carry a big burden in the game. By bettering yourself you help share that load. How is this fight going, how can we win it? Where are other good fights on the map? What kind of transportation do we need? The bigger part you can play in the squad, the less difficult it will be to lead you. The worst case scenario is when your SLs feels they have to hold your hand so you don’t trip over your own feet, something that is very demotivating for anyone trying to lead and something we need to avoid at all costs.

If you find yourself comfortable with what you read above – follow these simple steps to apply for RedMist:

  1. Register on the forums (click here).
  2. Create a post in the ‘Applications / Recruitment‘ forum, using the following format:

    Topic title:
     ‘APPLICATION – Your in-game name’
    Answer the following questions (you can copy/paste the questions):

      • What is your in-game nickname (TR)?
      • What is your Age?
      • Please tell us the time-zone you live in.
      • Please provide details on your PlanetSide 2 history, including past characters or outfits.
      • Post the (a player statistics page) for (all) your character(s), works for both Steam and Non-Steam accounts
      • What is your preferred class?
      • What is your preferred playstyle (choose one or multiple); Aggressive/Defensive/Support/Anti-Vehicle/Vehicle/Something else (explain)?
      • Rate your own skill level on a scale from 1 to 10 in the four categories below (it doesn’t matter that much whether you overestimate or underestimate yourself):
        • Infantry:
        • Ground Vehicle:
        • Air Vehicle:
        • Communication:
      • Why do you want to apply for RedMist?
      • What can you bring RedMist, and what do you want RMIS to bring you?
      • Where did you hear about RedMist?
      • Do you see yourself as willing to improve by putting in some effort on our outfit trainings?


  3. A recruitment officer will reply to your thread and invite you to teamspeak. If you don’t want to wait, you can join the ‘Recruitment Center’ channel on teamspeak. If a recruitment officer is online, he will get to you. Make sure you completed the application on the forum.
  4. After being recruited, you will get the outfit invite. We will update your forum and teamspeak permissions so you can visit our private forums and join the teamspeak member channels.

See you soon on the battlefield!