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Just another empty promises or new hope ?

Yesterday @reddit president of DayBreak Games John Smedley posted his “promises” and visions for the future concerning Planetside2.

What he wrote is very promising, but it sounds like something we want to hear… and somewhat like promises we have from him at the beginning of our journey with our beloved game.


Is there still hope for big changes or those are empty promises only ?…

Big update today (9.04.2015)

DBG prepared a nice big update for our game, that will be released today around 15:00 CEST.

Patch brings changes to flight steering, Valkyrie and its weapons changes, MAX weapon models changes, ton of bug fixes and lots of cosmetics.

No downtime provided

Read patch notes below


EPIC Two year anniversary promotion video – by Ladelulaku

In celebration of our two year anniversary, ladelulaku created a new RedMist promotion video.

Make sure to watch the whole video in 1080p / 60fps, it’s really epic, really good sync between video, music and voice communication.

new patch 25.02.2015 – Balance tweaks and addons

Today Daybreak Games Company [DGC] (former SOE) introduce new patch for our beloved game.

Patching will start @15:00 CET (as usual) and will add lots of tweaks to weapon and abilities balance and some new things (like new jump jets)

Below you can read patch notes:



Happy new year!

Happy new year from all of us!…