TeamSpeak squawk (radio) sound

We use the TeamSpeak 3 whisper list and channel commander features to communicate between different squads. Platoon and squad leaders are able to send ‘Channel Commander’ and ‘All Call’ whispers to other channels, to communicate with different squad leaders/members.

This allows us to split all the members of a platoon in different channel and ensure a good chain of command. Without getting confusing conversations or situations where everyone is speaking at the same time.

If you don’t like the default ‘whisper’ sound (the sound you hear before a whisper from another channel/commander) comes in, you can replace it with a nice radio beep (squawk sound).

You can find this ‘whisper_notify.wav’ file in the the lobby of our teamspeak server. (Right click on ‘Lobby’ -> Open File Browser).

You can also download it here: whisper_notify.wav.

Place this file in the following location: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\sound\default

You can rename the old ‘whisper_notify.wav’ to something else or overwrite it if you don’t want to keep the default as a backup.